Ceilidh dances

Learning Scottish ceilidh dances

If you’re thinking of organising a ceilidh for an event (perhaps for a wedding, or another family celebration) what do you do if you’re unsure if your guests know the dances?

The first step is to make sure the band you hire has an experienced caller, who can walk the dancers through the dance before they start, to show them how it goes. You might also want to find a way for people to try some dances out before the event. Find out more about our tailored sessions where you can learn some of the basic steps and ceilidh dances.

We’ve compiled some instructions for some of the common Scottish ceilidh dances to help get you started. Feel free to share a link to this page with your guests, if you would like to show them what it’s all about!

You can follow the links below to find out more about each of these dances:

Ceilidh dancers

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