How to dance the Circassian Circle

How to dance the Circassian Circle

The Circassian circle is a dance for couples. Dancers stand in a large circle on the dance floor. The men have their partners on their right hand side. Everyone in the circle joins hands to start the dance.

Bars 1-4: Everyone dances towards the middle for 4 and back out for 4.
Bars 5-8: Repeat – in for 4 and out for 4.
Bars 9-12: Drop hands. Ladies only, dance in for 4, clap, and out for 4.
Bars 13-16: Men only, dance in for 4, and clap. Men stay in the middle and turn to face their partner.
Bars 17-20: Everyone sets to their partner.
Bars 21-24: Everyone swings their partner by right hand.
Bars 25-32: Couples face anti-clockwise around the circle, and join hands using a promenade hold (hold both hands across the front). The man holds hands with his partner (who is on his right hand side), and all couples promenade round the circle together.
Reform into the large circle, and join hands ready to start the dance again.


Download printable copy of instructions for dancing the Circassian Circle

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