How to dance the Dashing White Sergeant

How to dance the Dashing White Sergeant

The Dashing White Sergeant is another popular Scottish ceilidh dance, which is danced with 2 sets of 3 people, joining together in a circle of six. For the start of the dance, dancers hold hands in their circles, and are arranged around the outside of the dance floor.

Bars 1-8: Circle left for 8 and back to the right for 8
Bars 9-12: In your 3s (ignore the other 3 in your circle!), the middle person turn to the person on their right, sets once to them, and turns them once with their right arm.
Bars 13-16: The middle person turn to person on their left, sets once and turns them once with their right hand.
Bars 17-24: The middle person swings between each of two outside people in turn.
Bars 25-28: Take each other hands in your line of three, and face the other 3 in your set of six. Walk forward for 2 and stamp, stamp, stamp, walk backwards for 2 and clap, clap, clap.
Bars 29-32: One set of three holds hands and raises up their arms to form arches. The two sets of 3 walk towards each other, and the 2nd set of 3 passes under and through the arches. Each set of 3 keeps walking till they meet a new set of 3 coming towards them.

Hold hands and make a circle of six with the new 3, ready to circle to left to repeat the dance.

Download written instructions for the Dashing White Sergeant

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