We have especially chosen dance tunes for their drive and rhythm. Our 4-piece band can command any size of crowd and venue, especially with our superb rock-solid guitarist anchoring the band together. We can add percussion to the line-up to become a 5-piece band. We are occasionally asked “Do I need percussion as part of the band for my event?” The best response is that our drummer will always add to an occasion, never detract!
Hence percussion can fit with even small occasions but is especially suited to large venues and dance crowds of, say, over 150. A full drum kit can easily dominate and even overwhelm the acoustic instrument line-up. Our drummer, Iain, uses a small trap set (Bongos, Floor Tom, Snare, Hi-hat, Cymbals) to render a hugely complimentary sound. He also has a great appreciation of the rhythms and dynamics of the tunes and our arrangements. You will find that reflected in his playing.

Please be aware the drummer comes at a slight premium as he will incur additional travel costs.

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