Listen to the band

Da Hooley ceilidh band is known for its lively energetic style, and clear calling, helping dancers who are unfamiliar with the steps. We’ll encourage even the shyest of dancers up onto the dance floor to help your event go with a swing.

These recordings give a flavour of a few events we’ve played at.

The Riverside Jig

This is a lively dance that we love doing. It was created for the Riverside, a Glasgow ceilidh venue with a long narrow dance hall. Here’s a fiddler’s-eye view of the dance at St Bride’s Community Centre, Edinburgh. (Timelapse by Ros Gasson)

Hoolighan’s Jig

Otherwise known to our regulars as the ‘stag dance’. Here’s a clip taken from the balcony of the Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh at Hogmanay:

Calling for dancing

Here’s Drew, our caller, walking a lively crowd through the Dashing White Sergeant at a recent ceilidh in Edinburgh Universty’s Pollock Halls:


Virginia Reel

Another of the band’s favourites.

Dashing White Sergeant

The Dashing White Sergeant, one of the standard ceilidh dances that’s often danced at a Scottish ceilidh.

Find out more about the Dashing White Sergeant dance

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