Here’s a list of dates for our upcoming gigs:
Page last updated 18th March 2024


Date Booked/Enquiry Place Event
Thurs 11th Jan 2024 Booked Edinburgh Lux Zepelin Ceilidh
Sat 27th Jan 2024 Booked Edinburgh Uni Ceilidh
Fri 16th Feb 2024 Booked Edinburgh Ceilidh
Fri 17th March 2024 Booked Edinburgh 50th Birthday Party
Sat 23rd Mar 2024 Booked Carberry Wedding
Wed 3rd April 2024 Booked Edinburgh Uni College Ball
Sat 20th April 2024 Booked Edinburgh 50th Birthday Party
Fri 3rd May 2024 Booked Stair Arms Hotel Wedding
Sat 4th May 2024 Booked Carberry Tower Hotel Wedding
Sat 11th May 2024 Booked Eskmills Dalkeith Private function Ceilidh
Sat 18th May 2024 Booked Bellfield 60th Birthday Party
Fri 24th May 2024 Booked SKYBar Edinburgh Ruby Wedding celebration
Sat 25th May 2024 Booked Ingliston Country Club Bishopton Rugby Club Ball
Sat 1st June 2024 Booked Winton Castle Wedding
Fri 14th June 2024 Booked Le Monde Edinburgh PIP Socials Ceilidh
Sat 22nd June 2024 Booked Royal Scots Club 60th Birthday Party
Tues 25th June 2024 Booked Sheraton Grand Hotel Uni Chemistry Conference Ceilidh
Sat 6th July 2024 Booked Edinburgh Civil Partnership Ceilidh
Sat 27th July 2024 Booked Stow Station House Hotel Wedding
Fri 9th – Mon 12th Aug 2024 Booked Santander, Spain 50th birthday ceilidh
Sat 31st Aug 2024 Booked Colstoun House Hotel Wedding
Sat 7th Sept 2024 Booked Riddle’s Court Wedding
Fri 13th Sept 2024 Booked Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh Uni Business school Ceilidh
Sat 14th Sept 2024 Booked Dynamic Earth Wedding
Sun 15th Sept 2024 Booked Eskmills Dalkeith Wedding
Sun 22nd Sept 2024 Booked Yester Estate Gifford Wedding
Sat 28th Sept 2024 Booked The Rowantree Edinburgh 21st Birthday Party
Sat 26th October 2024 Booked Marlin’s Wynd Edinburgh Wedding
Sat 18th Jan 2025 Booked Assembly Roxy Physics & Astronomy ceilidh
Sat 20th Sept 2025 Booked Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh Wedding
Ceilidh dancers
©Madan Krishnan

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