How to dance the Canadian Barn Dance

The Canadian Barn Dance is a dance for couples. Dancers stand beside their partner facing anticlockwise in a circle around the room. The man has his partner on his right hand side, and puts his right arm round the lady’s waist. The lady puts her left hand on the man’s right shoulder.

Bars 1-4: Walk forward for 3, hop, and walk backwards for 3
Bars 5-6: Move away from your partner for 3, (the man is moving into the centre of the circle, to his left, and the lady is moving outwards to her right) Hop and clap.
Bars 7-8: Return to your partner and take ballroom hold
9-12: Take two steps forward, and two steps back again
Bars 13-16: Take a ballroom hold with your partner and step/hop round for 8

Download printable instructions for dancing the Canadian Barn Dance