How to dance the Gay Gordons

Gay Gordons

The Gay Gordons is a simple couple dance, and is often the first to be danced at a ceilidh. Couples are arranged in a circle, facing anti-clockwise round the room. Stand beside your partner, holding both hands at shoulder level, as shown in the video below.

The dance proceeds as follows:

Bars 1-4: Walk forwards for 3 then, keeping hands held, swivel to face the opposite direction. Walk backwards for 4.
Bars 5-8: Walk forwards for 3, swivel, walk backwards for 4.
Bars 9-12: The lady turns under the man’s right arm.
Bars 13-16: Take a ballroom hold with your partner, and step/hop round.

Download written instructions for the Gay Gordons

Here’s a video showing the dance with music: