Our sound system and soundcheck

Sound system and soundcheck

Da Hooley’s PA system is one which we have carefully grown to give us the best balance of quality, power, versatility and portability.
The system is built on a QSC switching amplifier delivering 2400 watts to full-range Peavey Impulse speakers. The benefit of all that power is not volume (no one expects a ceilidh bands to be deafeningly loud!), rather it means that we can project the sound of our acoustic instruments with superb fidelity at a comfortable level for even very large venues.
“Your playing was brilliant… and the sound you got was beautifully clear. So many people said ‘they are sooo good’”
For every single gig, we will ‘ring-out-the-room’. This is a process designed to reduce the likelihood of feedback (the annoying, usually high-pitched, squeal often associated with rock bands or poorly setup PA systems). We then take great care to soundcheck each instrument (with special attention to the resonance of the dual fiddles) and then the overall mix to achieve the best possible sound for any given venue. We check the sound once the dancers are in full swing as the many bodies can affect the sound quality and balance.
To you, the client, that means your dancers can hear the full band across the breadth and depth of the dance floor whilst your non-dancing guests (though they will likely be few in number!) can carry on their between-dance conversations.
For some especially large venues hosting a dance for very large crowds (say over 250) it might be necessary to augment our PA with additional hired system or an altogether separate system. Some venues have in-house PA systems with dedicated sound engineers. We are happy to work with them and advise you on all such eventualities.