Ceilidh in the Balmoral Hotel

Ceilidh in the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh

Ceilidh in the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh
Photo ©Ros Gasson

On Friday night the band was out playing at a ceilidh in the Balmoral Hotel (formerly called the North British Hotel), for Edinburgh University students. It was another fun night for us, as the students, although largely unfamiliar with the dances, were really up for giving it a go, and were quick to get up onto the dance floor, and equally quick to pick up the dances.

While we were setting up we had a wee glitch with a fiddle pickup. We were hunting around for some gaffer tape to fix it, but there was none to be found in our kit. After a bit of asking around, we were offered some elastoplast as a possible sticky solution. The quips about Band Aid were inevitable!